Researchign the Dr. Clotilde P. Garcia Papers at TAMUCC

The Clotilde P. Garcia Papers contain a wealth of information on Reynosa, Matamoros, Revilla, Mier and Camargo. Information does not stop there, you can actually find information going back to the early settlers of Monterrey.

In the above picture you can see left to right, Mario Davila, Raul Garza, and Moises Garza at the Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi Special Collections and Archives. I was due to make a presentation for our friends of the Spanish American Genealogical Association (SAGA). By the way many of their members are also members of Las Villas del Norte.

Since I was presenting at 2:00 pm that day we decided to follow Mario Davila's advise of leaving early to Corpus Chrisit in order to browse through the papers of Clotilde P. Garcia. Unfortunately I did not check the index of materials in the collection that is available on the University's Library website prior to arriving. You can find the index here:

I highly recommend that you check out the index and call prior to going over so that they can have the materials ready for your browsing.

The university is located at 6300 Ocean Dr., Corpus Christi, TX. 78412. Once you get there make sure to.

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