Recap of Presentation Soy de Duval

Las Villas del Norte had the awesome opportunity of having Alfredo Cardenas present his blog Soy de Duval this past March the 13th. Alfredo is also a member of Las Villas del Norte. 

The blog, Soy de Duval, is mostly a historical account of nineteenth century Duval County. Alfredo tells the story of Duval County from geologic times to about 1900. Occasionally he will have blogs past 1900 and from current happenings in Duval County, but only as they relate to history.

While this is not a genealogy blog it is a gold mine for genealogists with much information of land grants in Duval County, as well as names from business, government, law enforcement, lawlessness, faith, oil, cattle, farming, etc. Genealogists that regularly read the blog will find many nuggets. Of course, this is mostly of interest to folks who are from Duval County or who trace their ancestry to Duval County.

Alfredo mentioned that the territory that now comprises Duval County at one point was under the jurisdiction of Camargo and also mentioned that many of it's first settlers were form La Villa de Camargo. 

Alfredo also provided a great list of resources that he uses himself to find documents and photos of historical significance.​ 

Mr. Cardenas was presented with a certificate of appreciation for his presentation to Las Villas del Norte.

Mr. Cardenas was also presented with a copy of Las Villas del Norte 2016 Journal as a token of our appreciation.

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