Recap of Presentation “La Voz de Amor”

I had fun and enjoyed listening to Alfredo E. Cardenas present his book La Voz de Amor. His book is a compilation of poems that his father Servando Cardenas wrote throughout his life. I especially think it is great that he was able to publish them for future generations.

Make sure to read the following outline of the video and the short description of it.

This presentation is great for everyone and I am sure that you will gain something out of it.

Here is the Outline of the Video and What to Expect

Intro Dialogue (0:10) - Just a quick introduction to the presentation is provided by Alfredo E. Cardenas.

Introduction to the Book (3:08) - The presenter introduces the book to attendees.

The Cardenas Family Genealogy (5:39) - Mr. Cardenas provided us with genealogical information about his family and talks about pages from his grandmothers diary.

Servando's Journey to The U.S. (14:38) - We are provided with the amazing journey of Servando and the events that led to him ending up in San Diego, Texas.

Starting La Voz and His Poems (19:02) - Attendees were provided with with a glimpse into Servando's professional life and how his poems were categorized for the book.

Poemas de Amor Romantico (26:24) - The first category of his poems is romantic love and attendees were read one of his poems.

Poemas de Amor Familiar (28:28) - The second one was the Love of Family and attendees listened to Mr. Cardenas read a poem dedicated to his grandfather.

Poemas de Amor Patriotico (32:07) - Alfredo explains that his father was very patriotic and he read a poem about war.

Poemas de Amor Cultural (34:24) - This category was about the love for society and Mr. Cardenas read a poem about Pachucos describing a culture within a culture. It was a very funny poem.

Poemas de Amor Spiritual (40:38) - The final category of poems was Spiritual Love and how Servando always revered God and always tried to impart righteousness in his poems.

Final Words (42:27) - Mr. Cardenas closes his presentation by providing us with the various places that we can buy his book.

Overall I enjoyed attending and listening to this presentation and I know that our members will enjoy it to.

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