Recap of Presentation “Two Countries One Lie”

Two Countries One Lie

Jose Sierra's presentation "Two Countries One Lie is a must watch for anyone interested with history and the land grants of Texas. He portrays a picture of what some of our ancestors experienced when Tejas became part of the United States.

Mr. Sierra talked about the various treaties between Mexico and the United States and of the injustices done to Tejanos/Texans by both the Mexican and American governments. This historical/heritage presentation is a must for anyone whose ancestors lived in Texas.

The subtitle of this presentation is "The Untold Truth of the Spanish-Mexican Land Grants of Texas".

Here is the Outline of the Video and What to Expect

Intro Dialogue: Three Treaties, Three Injustices - Mr. Sierra briefly mentions the three treaties that occurred between Mexico and the United States.

Spain & Mexico Establish Land Grants 1690-1836 -
A historical overview was provided to better understand as to why each treaty occurred.

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 1848 -
 Is probably the most well known of all the treaties having to do with land grants in the United States.

Greaser Act 1855
- Mr. Sierra proves that Mexicanos were not wanted and liked by some state legislatures.

Court House Fires 1846-1916 -
Mr. Sierra goes in depth as to how many records were destroyed and of whom ever did it got away with it.

General Claims Commission 1868-1939 -
Mr. Sierra talks about a commission created by both the U.S. and Mexico to address land grant claim complaints.

Naturalization Treaty 1868 
- In order to better understand the rights of Mexicanos/Tejanos Mr. Sierra talks about the Naturalization Treaty designed to strip many of their citizen ship rights.

Mexican Lynchings 1848-1928 
- The mood of the country was discussed and reference to some great books was made by Mr. Sierra.

Bucareli Agreement 1923 - 
This is the second treaty done by Mexico and the United States that addressed land grants.

Expropriation of Oil (Cardenas) 1938 
- Mr. Sierra talks about Mexican president Lazaro Cardenas whom was the champion of the people.

Treaty of Mexico and U.S. 1941 (Camacho) -  This is the third treaty that is not well known but that had a major effect on the rights of land grant descendants.

Two Treaties (1923 & 1941) Adopted -
Mr. Sierra explains how both treaties were adopted and the forces behind them.

Apology and Restitution for Japanese Internment
- The treatment of Japanese Americans and non Americans was discussed and how it is pertinent to land grant descendants.

So What does this all Mean? 
- Mr. Sierra does a call to action to stand up for crimes done against our ancestors.

Closing Comments
- Mr. Sierra provides his closing comments and provides a list of sources that he used for his presentation so that attendees can do their own research.

Overall I enjoyed recording and listening to this presentation and I know that our members will enjoy it and learn something new form it.

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