Recap of Presentation “Tracing My Mothers Ancestor’s From Revilla to San Ygnacio, Texas”

Tracing My Mother's Ancestors From Revilla to San Ygnacio, Texas

Here you can read the presentation recap of "Tracing My Mother's Ancestors From Revilla to San Ygnacio, Texas" by professor Gonzalez. In it he talks about his pioneering ancestors who founded Revilla nowadays Guerrero, Tamaulipas, and others that arrived there a few decades later. He also provides valuable information as to how to publish our own family histories.

Now let's talk about this presentation. If you have ancestors in San Ygnacio or Revilla then you will really enjoy this presentation. If you don't you will still get one or two valuable nuggets for your own research. 

Here is the Outline of the Video and What to Expect

Intro Dialogue (0:10) - Just a quick introduction to the video presentation.

Revilla and San Ygnacio (3:40) - In this section our speaker gives us a historical overview of Revilla and San Ygnacio.

How to Organize Genealogy Books (7:48) - Here we learned about his methods of publishing a family genealogy and history book and also things to consider.

My Grandfather's Grandfather Book Summary (28:20) - He then talked about one of his books and provided us with genealogical information about his ancestors. I was surprised that we have some in common.

Tracing My Mother's Roots Book Summary (32:15) - In this section we are provided with a summary and genealogical information about the presenters mother and the book he wrote about her family.

Genealogical Tables and Census Sample (41:40) - He provided us with many genealogical tables and showed us how many of the settling families of San Ygnacio were related. He also provided us with sample pages of the 1850 census for San Ygnacio.

Chapter Excerpts (53:44) - In this section we were provided with some excerpts form the book so we could get a taste of the various stories that are included.

The Index of Names (59:21) - Finally, we were provided with the index of his book and learned how easy it was to find any name in the book.

Overall I enjoyed listening to our presenter and enjoyed all the genealogy information that he provided. 

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