Las Villas del Norte 2024 Journal

Las Villas del Norte 2024 Journal

The Las Villas del Norte 2024 Journal is out and ready for you to enjoy. This blog post gives a short overview and includes the table of contents so that you can see what to expect when you get your own copy.

I had the honor of editing many great articles and putting the journal together. Some are just fascinating to read.

Like our previous journals, it contains a great deal and wealth of genealogical information on families from South Texas and Northeastern Mexico.

Down below you can see the table of contents to get a true scope of the articles and what you can expect when you read our journal.

I am sure that this journal will be a great addition to your genealogical library.

A Big Thank You!

A big thankyou to Michelle Hinojosa-Melencio, Alicia Cantu Garza O’Neal, Jose Rolando Cano, Mauricio J. Gonzalez, Audrey Bordvick, and Walter Hinojosa. Once again, thank you for submitting your articles and making this journal a reality.

By the way your free printed copies are on their way, as a small thank you of our appreciation, for taking the time to document your family and preserve it in our journal.

Best Way To Get a Copy

The best and fastest way to get a copy of the journal is to become a member of Las Villas del Norte. New members get a link to the eversion on their welcome email and existing members will get it once they renew their memberships this year.

If you are not a member yet of Las Villas del Norte you can become one here:

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Did I mention this? You will also get access to our previous journals, our video presentation archives, our community tree with over 1,040,000 people, past newsletters, and much much more.

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Cover of Journal: Las Villas del Norte 2024 Journal

Las Villas del Norte 2024 Journal


Table of Contents:

Family Histories

  • Skeletons in the Crisantes’ Family Closet: Domingo - By Michelle Hinojosa-Melencio Pg. 5
  • A Story To Remember - By: Alicia Cantu Garza O’Neal Pg. 17

Articles for Research

  • Baptisms of Monterrey 1668-1693 - By: Jose Rolando Cano Pg. 33


  • The Navarro Family of San Ygnacio, Texas Chapter 10 - By: By: Mauricio J. Gonzalez Pg. 89

Ancestor Reports

  • Ancestors of Francisco Landin Vitela - By: By: Audrey Bordvick Pg. 99

Journey of Discovery

  • A Spanish Pilgrimage - By: Walter Hinojosa Pg. 17

Get Your Copy of This Journal:

There are three ways you can get a copy of this journal:

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Read More About our Previous Journals

Here are the links to them. Remember is you become a member of Las Villas del Norte you get online access to all these journals. That's a great bargain!

Please let me know in the comment area of what you think about this journal.

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