Recap of Presentation “Tlaxcalan Colonizers of Northern New Spain”

Tlaxcalan Colonizers of Northern New Spain

Watch Beatrice de Leon Edwards presentation" Tlaxcalan Colonizers of Northern New Spain" to learn about the possibility of having Tlaxcalan ancestry in our DNA, and why there is a high probability that some of our Native American DNA comes all the way from Tlaxcala, a state in central Mexico.

Now let's talk about this presentation. If you are still managing your family tree with pen and paper and or another system to manage it then this presentation is perfect for you. Learn first hand how software can make you more efficient and help you find ancestors faster.

Here is the Outline of the Video and What to Expect

Intro Dialogue (0:10) - Just a quick introduction to the video presentation.

Native American In Your DNA (3:22) - Beatrice opens her presentation by showing us her DNA results and explains how most companies label our DNA as Native American. She creates a good argument as to why for many of us that DNA may turn out to be Tlaxcalan. In the following sections she provides us with more about the Tlaxcalan and provides proof as to why our Native American DNA may come from them.

Origins of the Tlaxcalans (15:57) - In this section she talked about the creation story of Aztlan and the native american tribes that claimed descendancy from Aztlan.

Tlaxcalan Role in Conquest of the Aztecs (24:36) - Beatrice provides us with an overview of the role that the Tlaxcalans played in the conquest of Mexico and the Mexica (Aztecs). She also explains how they became allies of the Spanish.

Tlaxcalan Post-Conquest Rights and Privileges (29:27) - In this section we learned about the treaties done by the Tlaxcaltecans and the Spanish that not just ensured their survival but granted privileges that no other Native Aemrican received.

Tlaxcalans Role in The Pacification of Chichimecas (32:25) - In this section we learned of the vital importance that the Tlaxcalans played in finally pacifying the Chichimecas whom the Spaniards had been fighting with for over 38 years.

400 Tlaxcalan Families to Norther New Spain (35:50) - Even-though I was aware of this, Beatrice filled in the gaps by providing us with the migration pattern and also of what particular areas of Tlaxcala these families came from.

Tlaxcalan Contibutions to Culture (54:39) - It was very interesting to see very familiar words, artistic designs and even irrigation canal systems that originated with the Tlaxcalans.

"indios" Examples of Church Records - In this Beatrice presents us with various church records showing how the Tlaxcalans were listed in the record and at the same time proving that Tlaxcalans made it all the way to Las Villas del Norte and Nuevo Leon.

Overall I enjoyed making this presentation and I know that our members will enjoy it too.

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  1. found it to be very educational answer my question what kind of indigenous person I am being 29 % Spaniard 51.6% native American . my ancestors san Ignacio tx and all up and down MEXICO, great presentation .