Presentation: The Oñate Expedition

The Oñate Expedition

We are happy to announce that we have recorded a presentation by Gary de Leon titled "Am I related to an expedition member of the Onate Expedition?". This presentation will be posted on Las Villas del Norte on Sunday July 26, 2020.

More About Gary de Leon

A promise to my grandma to create a family history book is what got me started in genealogy. I have been a social studies teacher for 34 years in Milwaukee, WI, Houston, TX and Canutillo, TX and have also coached football and track. After my two children graduated high school, I devoted the past seven years to researching family history. I researched for four years then created e-book on History of the De Leon Family and started Facebook page “Descendants of the Onate Expedition.” I have given presentations on genealogy in the past year.

Presentation Information

Title: Am I related to an expedition member of the Onate Expedition?

Summary: With the growth of interest in the Onate expedition and genealogy many want to learn about their ancestors who may have come with Onate on his expedition in 1598. First, we will go over goals of the expedition, why people wanted to go on a 700-mile journey into a harsh desert. Then, I will give a background on the colonists who came and those who stayed in the Texas-New Mexico region. Last, I will give some good resources for learning more about the expedition and the colonists.

How to Watch This Presentation

If you are a member of Las Villas del Norte just log in to our website on July 26, 2020 or after to watch it, it is that simple. 

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Don't worry, join Las Villas del Norte today and you can watch this presentation online on or after July 26, 2020. You will also get our eBook "Las Villas del Norte, The 1757 Censuses of Laredo, Dolores, Revilla, Mier, Camargo, and Reynosa", the e-version of our current Journal, plus a ton of other great resources to help you in your genealogy.

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