Presentation Recap “The Oñate Expedition”

The Oñate Expedition - Gary de Leon

Here is a short recap of the presentation "The Oñate Expedition" and what you can expect from it. In this presentation, Gary de Leon goes over the goals of the expedition, why people wanted to go on a 700-mile journey into a harsh desert. Then, he provides a background on the colonists who came and those who stayed in the Texas-New Mexico region. Last, Gary gives some good resources for learning more about the expedition and the colonists.

This presentation is already for viewing here: The Oñate Expedition

The reason we invited Gary to do his presentation was because many of the early settlers of el Nuevo Reyno de Leon where part of this expedition. One of those early settlers was Bernabe de las Casas (mule driver) who later on became the wealthiest person in el Nuevo Reyno de Leon during his time. The haciendas that he left to his children eventually evolved to towns that still exist in Nuevo Leon to this date.

Now let's talk about this presentation. Below is the outline of the video and what you can expect to  learn.

Here is the Outline of the Video and What to Expect

Intro Dialogue (0:10) - Gary starts by providing an overview of the Oñate expedition and it's impact in New Mexico. In this section he also introduces himself and provides information on his background.

Background of Expedition (8:44) - In this section Gary talks about how the expedition came about and talks about Juan de Oñate's motivation for the expedition. We also learned about the length and time the expedition took to make its' way to present New Mexico.

Profile on Expedition Members (8:39) - In this section you will learn about where the expedition members came from, who they were, their ages and other demographics.

Information on Some Families (14:33) - Here you will learn about various families that came and remained in New Mexico and whose descendants are still residing in New Mexico.

End Comments and Bibliography (20:26) - In this final section we learn about great resources that Gary recommends for anyone researching New Mexico families.

This presentation is over 50 minutes and highly recommend it for anyone with roots in New Mexico.

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