Las Villas del Norte Newsletter Volume 8 Issue 2 – June 2022

Las Villas del Norte Newsletter Volume 8 Issue 2 - June 2022

This is the second issue of the Las Villas del Norte newsletter for the year 2022. If you are a member of Las Villas del Norte you can get your free copy here.

This issue contains all the articles published on our website from March 1, 2022, through May 31, 2022.

Also, make sure to visit our Newsletter Archives to download more.

Table of Contents for This Newsletter

  1. From the Editor Pg. 1
  2. Our Newest Pobladores Pg. 3
  3. Questions to Our New Members Pg. 4
  4. Calendar of Future and Past Presentations Pg. 11
  5. Our Last Six Presentations Pg. 13
  6. In the Works Pg. 19
  7. Early Families of Saltillo: Juan Antonio de la Paz and Maria de Abrego Pg. 20
  8. Early Families of Laredo: Maximo Gamboa and Maria Veronica Treviño Pg. 23
  9. Early Settlers of Revilla: Vicente Guerra Cañamar and Micaela Geronima de la Garza Pg. 27
  10. Early Settlers of Mier: Andres Garcia and Clara Maria Farias Pg. 33
  11. Early Settlers of Camargo: Ildefonso de la Garza and Maria Magdalena Villarreal Pg. 35

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