Las Villas del Norte Genealogy Group

Las Villas del Norte Genealogy Group

Las Villas del Norte Genealogy Group provides the same benefits that a genealogical society provides, and much more, but in a digital platform. Everyone can join!

Our Purposes Are

The purposes of the Las Villas del Norte Genealogical Group will be: To promote, develop, and preserve genealogical and historical resources of South Texas and Northeastern Mexico; To improve the dissemination of such resources on print and digital formats; To cooperate with local, regional, national and statewide groups in promoting our heritage; and To help family historians get started with genealogy research as they pursue their family's past.

Member Benefits You Will Enjoy

We provide our members with;

  • A digital quarterly News Letter,
  • One Monthly Video and Audio Recording of a Genealogical Presentation,
  • A yearly Digital Journal,
  • New Members get the book "Las Villas del Norte, The 1757 Censuses of Laredo, Dolores, Revilla, Mier, Camargo, and Reynosa" mailed to the address provided during registration,
  • Access to our Growing Archives of digital Newsletters, Yearly Journals, Video and Audio Recordings,
  • Members Only Content Posts,
  • Access to our private Facebook group.

All this from the comfort of your own home and at your own time, you chose when and were to access our content.

Monthly In-Person Meetings

If you live in the Rio Grande Valley and or Northeastern Mexico you are more than welcome to attend our monthly meetings which will be held every second Sunday of every month at 2:00 pm. These meetings are open to the public, anyone can attend.  The meetings will be held at the Speer Memorial Library located at 801 East 12th Street, Mission, Texas in their Community Room. If you can attend in person we highly encourage it. Membership forms will be available at each meeting and the membership cost is $30.00 per year.

Long Distance Members

The presentations will be recorded but remember that only members will have access to video recordings and additional content such as handouts if any are provided with the presenters. Our website, will be the hub for everything. Here you can find and enjoy additional genealogical material between meetings and or between online videos for those members that live throughout the world.

Become a Member of Las Villas del Norte Genealogy Group Today

Join our group today. Distance is no barrier to become part of our family.

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