Year in Review 2021

Year in Review 2021

At Las Villas del Norte we accomplished a lot in 2021 and in this post, you can read about what we did in 2021.

As a Genealogist/Family Historian, I am sure you know that feeling of always being slightly unsatisfied with your research...

You could be further ahead, doing more, finding more ancestors, learning more...

I hear you! That's why I find it so valuable to write this Year in Review post.

Did you know that in 2021 we:

Published 31 Member-Only Blog Posts on the Early Settlers/Families of Revilla, Mier, Reynosa, Laredo, Monterrey, Saltillo, Camargo, and Matamoros. You can find them in our Blog here:

Added 16 Video Presentations to help you build your genealogy skills and knowledge. You can view them here:

Published 4 Quarterly Newsletters of 50 pages or more. You can find them here:

Published 1 Yearly Journal. You can view all of our journals here:

Added 298 Thousand Names to our Community Tree. You can search it here:

Published 4 New Books on Four of the Early settlers of Revilla and Mier. You can view them here:

All of which are aimed at helping YOU find more ancestors and build a better family tree.

2021 has been a rollercoaster of a year. And we're not slowing down!

Thank you for choosing Las Villas del Norte to power your genealogy research. We are grateful for your trust!


Moises Garza

P.S. If you are not a member of Las Villas del Norte you can become one here:

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