Recap of Presentation “Overview of 23andme”

Overview of 23andme

Learn about one of the biggest DNA for genealogy companies that is out there, 23andME. This presentation will provide you with information as to their costs, features, and benefits. This will let you make a better more informed decision to test with them or not.

Here is the table of contents for the video and a short description of each. The numbers in parenthesis are the time in the video where that particular topic is mentioned.

Intro Dialogue (0:00) - Topic concerning Las Villas del Norte

Quick Look at 23andme (4:02) - Quick overview at what their website has to offer.

Their Services (6:00) - Description of their tests and what they are used for.

When You Log in (10:49) - What to expect once you log in as a paying member.

Their Ancestry Features (13:20) - What you get when you test with them and what they provide that is useful for genealogy research.

Ancestry Composition (16:35) - Overview of their ethnicity results.

Haplogroups (22.25) - They provide you with your Haplogroups but I explain how it can and cannot be used.

Neanderthal Ancestry (27.48) - What to expect when it comes to your Neanderthal Ancestry, while not really useful for genealogy it is very interesting.

Your DNA Family (31.25) - Showed were on their website you can find a listing of people that match you based on your DNA.

DNA Relative Finder (44:20) - Tool to help you search your matches.

Share and Compare (46:38) - Tool to help you network with your matches.

Genetic Counseling (48:47) - Briefly discussed where testers can get help in order to cope with distressing health reports.

Forums (50:00) - Basically explained that they are useless since they are used for developers and not for finding a family.

Browse Raw Data (50:40) - Showed were users can download their raw data to transfer to other services life FTDN and GEDMatch.

Overall I think the presentation turned out to be great since it is an excellent way to show anyone interested in testing with AncestryDNA of what they can expect to get and also how it can help them in their research.

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