Recap of Presentation “Census Data: A Genealogist Valued Resource”

Census Data: A Genealogist Valued Resource

The presentation by Las Villas del Norte member Susana Guerra Privett present "Census Data: A Genealogist Valued Resource" was outstanding. Susana will talked about the Census Bureau, data collection, surveys and census, frequently asked questions, availability of data and common terms used.

Here is the Outline of the Video and What to Expect

Intro Dialogue - Just a quick introduction to the video presentation.

Census Mission - We were provided with the overall mission of the Untied States Census Bureau.

What We Do - Susana busts some myths about the bureau.

Services We Offer - Various services are presented that are not common knowledge to many.

Start of Census - Susana provided and overview of how the census got started.

Genealogy Resources - We were provided with genealogy resources for researchers offered by the Census bureau.

Census Data Privacy -  Privacy was discussed and we were advised of how it affects the records that we can access.

Census Schedules - Information on the census schedules was provided.

Number of Census Questions - We were shown how the number of questions has increased through time and how they can be beneficial to researchers by offering additional clues.

Getting Started - Susana showed us how to get started using the census records.

Enumeration Districts - This was something I was not aware of and what was great was that Susana provided us with the location to find enumeration maps. - Susana provided an overview to the Census website.

Age Search Service - We were presented with a fee based service to help genealogists get certified census records.

Census History Page - This section provided attendees with great insights on historical figures.

National Archives - Susana talked about how the National Archives are in charge of safeguarding the census records and that microfilms are also available.

Tips for Census - We were provided with great tips on how to search the census records and how to find our ancestors.

My Search - Susana talked about her own family search and provided us with examples on how the census has helped her research her own family.

Final Comments - Susana provides us with her contact information and encourages us to call her with any questions.

Overall I enjoyed attending and recording this presentation and I know that our members will like it too and learn something new just like I did.

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