Recap of Presentation “Cavazos Family History: Discoveries From 40 Years Research”

Cavazos Family History: Discoveries From 40 Years Research

Here is my recap of Roberto Canales presentation "Cavazos Family History: Discoveries From 40 Years Research". I particularly interested in listening to this presentation since I myself have many Cavazos in my family tree. Below is the outline of the presentation and what you can expect to learn in each section.

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Now let's talk about this presentation. If you have Cavazos in your tree you will find this presentation to be very useful. You never know maybe you might just be part of the particular branch that Mr. Canales presents on.

Here is the Outline of the Video and What to Expect

Intro Dialogue (0:10) - In this intor Mr. Canales introduces himself and provides a great introduction to his presentation presentation.

Captain Juan Cavazzi (9:33) - In this first part of the presentation we learn about the progenitor of the Cavazos in Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Tamaulipas, and South Texas.

Jose Narciso Cavazos (13:07) - Here we learn about Jose Narciso Cavazos and how he obtained his land grant, San Juan de Carricitos.

Jose Nicolas Cavazos and Exodus to Mexico (17:08) - Mr. Canales then talked about Jose Nicolas Cavazos, his family, and how they decided to move to Mexico to keep their family safe.

Juana Cavazos, Kidnaped by Indians (19:23) - In this section we learn about the incredible story of Juana who was captured by Native Americans and how some of the Cavazos family ended up in North Texas. Juana is even considered founder of a county in Texas.

Anastacio Cavazos and Return to Texas (23:436 - Here we learn of how the family came back to Texas to settle once again in their Land Grant.

El Mesquite Ranch (27:31) - In this section Mr. Canales talks about how the ranch was established and presents the families that lived in it.

El Sabinito Ranch (34:28) -  In this section Mr. Canales talks about how the ranch was established and presents the families that lived in it.

Conclusion, Books and CD's (38:00) -  In this section Mr. Canales talks about notable Cavazos that include a former Secretary of Education and a Four star General. He also provides a brief summary of each of his books.

Overall I enjoyed attending and listening to this presentation. I know that you will also enjoy it.

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  1. My family has lived in and around Sebastian Texas for many generations, my sister had spent many years interviewing older relatives on family history. She had traced our origin to Spain ,sadly when she went into the nursing home her house was sold and all her research was destroyed. She has since passed leaving nothing of all family history she uncovered.I would love to see how the little she told me is in your documentation.

    1. It is crazy that nothing was preserved. That is why we encourage our members to preserve their research by publishing articles or family trees in our yearly journal.

      1. For all the Cavaos family , I was talking to an older gentleman that is a scout for a big ranch in the area , He told me that he had found the grave site for Narsiso Cavasos in the brush while hunting deere. My contact number is 956-551-2382. I can guide you to the source. Thanks Raul Munoz

  2. My late wife, Florencia Delfina Cavazos was the daughter of Samuel and Delfina Cavazos of San Antonio, TX.

    She was born 5/29/1935 and died 10/26/2015, we met in a blizzard and while protecting her, I and she fell in love at first meeting, we were married 12/30/1985