Presentation “Native American Genealogy: Water is Memory”

Native American Genealogy: Water is Memory

Join us September 11, 2022 for Ricky Reyes presentation "Native American Genealogy: Water is Memory". The presentation will be uploaded to our website at 2:00 PM CDT. If you are a member of Las Villas del Norte just log in on that day and time to view the presentation. Not a member yet? You can join here:

More About Ricky Reyes

Ricky Reyes

Mr. Ricky D. Reyes RA, is a Texas Registered Architect and Retired Multi-million Construction Project Manager. Continuing his Native American family roots as Mestizo Shaman (Curandero) & Herbalist, has authored “Texas First: Prayer - The Four Directions Prayer.” As Historian, mastered Genealogy, Archeology, Anthropology, Ethnology and Astronomy. Artisian in: Metal Sculpture, Film Director / Producer and Actor; Texas History Re-enactor. He has presented at several conferences plus the San Antonio Tricentennial Tejano Genealogy Conference; had an Audience with Pope Francis at Vatican City.

Presentation Information

Title: Native American Genealogy: Water is Memory

Summary: Tired of not finding written documents of your Indigenous or Native ancestors? Join us in this venturous talk on discovering where the clues are. “Water is Memory” will trigger memories within you that can help you discover your past while on this journey of self-discovery.

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If you are a member of Las Villas del Norte just log in on Sunday September 11, 2022  at 2:00 PM CDT. If you miss it then just log in anytime after to watch the recorded presentation at your convenience.

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