Early Settlers of Reynosa: Nicolas Zamora and Ynes Munguia

Nicolas Zamora and Ynes Munguia

An early family of La Villa de Reynosa is that of Nicolas Zamora and Ynes Munguia. They are listed in the 1750 Census of Reynosa and below you will see the cut out of the census showing them with their children. They are also listed in the 1757 census of Reynosa as follows: "Nicolas Zamora, casado con Ines Munguia, tiene ocho hijos, todas armas, once caballos y un burro".

The parents of Nicolas Zamora are Christoval Zamora and Juan de Trevino. The parents of Ines Munguia are Diego de Munguia and Josefa (no last name found).

Here is their family group...

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  1. hi Moses, this are my Ancestors, if I ‘m not mistaken my 7 times greatgrandfathers. my grandmother was Catarina Zamora Sosa, her mother was Margarita, Great grand mother was Catalina Zamora Davila, Catalina was the daughter was Florentino Zamora and so on. would like some more info,

    1. Jose Antonio Zamora married to Maria Ignacia Tijerina were the parents of Florentino Zamora whom married Maria Rita Moya. They were the parents of Catarina Zamora whom married Sebastian Davila. They were the parents of Margarita. Hope this helps you.

  2. Manuel M. Munguia b abt 1795 married Serafina Campa b abt 1800 their daughter, Gregoria Campa b. abt 1820 in Sahuaripa, Sonora, Mexico … any connection?

  3. Nicolas and Inez are my great grandparents (8th degree). When you mention, “YOu will see a cutout of the census… SHOWING them with their children…”? Does this mean a list of names or does this refer to a photo of their children / family?

  4. Jose Antonio Zamora, son of Nicolas Zamora and Inez Munguia had children from two wives. The first wife was Maria Ignacia Tijerina and Casimira Ochoa according to the family tree at UT-RGV Special Collections Dept.. Thanks.

      1. Go in person to UT-RGV Library Special Collections Dept. in Edinburg, Texas. They have boxes of the Reynosa Archives and the family tree. I saw it myself when I was doing research on my Zamora family.