Early Settlers of Monterrey: Francisco Baez de Benavides and Isabel Martinez Guajardo

Francisco Baez de Benavides and Isabel Martinez Guajardo

An early family of Monterrey is that of Francisco Baez de Benavides and Isabel Martinez Guajardo. The exact date of when they arrived is unknown but they settled the Monterrey area well before the 1670s. Francisco was born about 1594 in Tenerife, the Canary Islands, Spain, and Isabel was probably born in Saltillo, Coahuila

The parents of Francisco Baez de Benavides are Gonzalo Baez and Maria Beatriz Lopez. The parents of Isabel Martinez Guajardo are Francisco Martinez Guajardo and Ines Rodriguez Navarro.

Here is their family group...

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  1. I’ve been doing research sporadically over the years. After attending my first Hispanic Genealogy conference I am even more interested. I haven’t done much since then because of other matters that take up my time but I am glad to see all theses resources that you make available. I need lots of help, I now know.
    Seeing your blog on Baez caught my eye because my grandmother was Romana Barron Baez from Cuidad Victoria, Taumalipas, Mexico. She was born in 1896. Her parents were Manuel Barron born in 1850 and Justa Baez born in 1860. Her parents were Gregorio Baez or Vaies and Ramona Becerra. Maybe we are cousins!

    1. Hola this is GREAT! my mother is a Benavides and my father’s mother is also a Benavides from the Monterrey area. I have uncles that have done genealogy and said that our family descends from Francisco. Would love more information about him if you have any?


  2. Ana, Francisco, Lazaro and Isabel Baez Benavidez are all my ancestors.
    Some cousins and me made it a point to visit the Canary Islands a few weeks ago. We went to the Gran Can arias and to Tenerife. We were impressed.

    1. Raul, that’s awesome, I hope you had a great time and enjoyed yourself. Hopefully one day I can also visit the land that some of my ancestors were from.

    2. So were my ancestors! Glad you were able to go! Did you sneak some dirt in your pocket. I like to keep dirt of where my folk have lived. I need some from La Grulla. Its either dirt or rocks.