Early Settlers of Revilla: Cristobal Baez de Benavides and Maria Rita Cuellar

Cristobal Baez de Benavides and Maria Rita Cuellar

One of the early settling families of Revilla (Ciudad Guerrero), Tamaulipas, Mexico is that of Cristobal Baez de Benavides and Maria Rita Cuellar. They are listed on the 1757 census of Revilla as follows: "Don Cristobal Benavidez, casado con Doña Maria Cuellar, siete hijos, armas, cuarenta caballos y dos burros".

Cristobal Baez de Benavides is the son of Juan Baez de Benavides and Clara Maria Gutierrez de Lara.

The parents of Maria Rita Cuellar are Bartolome de Lizarraras y Cuellar and Maria Gregoria Martinez.

Here are the names of their children and whom they married to. For more descendants of theirs please visit our Community Family Tree.

Here is their family group:

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  1. Cristoval Baez de Benavides is my ancestor through:
    MARIA TOMASA BAEZ DE BENAVIDES (daughter of Cristobal Javier Baez de Benavides and Maria Rita Lizarraras y Cuellar)8, 31-33. She married JOSE JOAQUIN CHAPA (son of Jose Florencio Chapa and Maria Margarita de la Pena). Church Marriage: 13 Jan 1776 in Revilla, Guerrero, Tamaulipas, Mexico8, 31, 33
    5. Jose Joaquin Chapa and Maria Tomasa Baez de Benavides-Cuellar, 13 Feb 1776
    6. Maria Juana Chapa and Jose Juan Francisco Guerra
    7. Rafael Antonio de Jesus Guerra b. 15 Aug 1807 m. 3 Jul 1828 Maria de los Santos Pena
    8. Maria Antonia Guerra b. 26 Jan 1836 m. Juan Manuel Guerra
    9. Maria Crisanta Guerra b.7 August 1857 m. Cayetano Barrera(Juan Manuel Barrera & Ma Teresa Barrera)
    10. Romula Barrera married 12 Apr 1905 Hilario Olivares (Eulogio Olivares, & Antonia Lopez)
    11. Beatriz Olivares B. 17 May 1914 Victoriano Alvarado (Arcadio Alvarado Garza & Gertrudis Gonzales Resendez)
    12. Blanca Lea Alvarado married 25 Feb. 1967 Michael B. Curl(Vernon B. Curl & Jeraldine Webster)
    13. Tanya Leah Curl b. 29 March 1975 & met John Stoner (Richard Stoner & Sandy Phelps) M. Jamie Brian McGuckin
    14. Rachel Leah Curl Stoner B. 25 July 1999