Early Settlers of Mier: Ana Maria Guajardo and Jose Jacinto Pena

Ana Maria Guajardo and Jose Jacinto Pena

One of the early settling families of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico is that of Ana Maria Guajardo and Jose Jacinto Pena. In reality, Jose Jacinto died September 7, 1734 in Linares, Nuevo Leon. It was Ana Maria Guajardo that helped settle Camargo and Meir along with her children. In the 1757 census of Mier Ana Maria is listed; "Doña Ana Maria Guajardo, viuda, tiene un hijo y un sirviente, seis burros y dos burras".

I have yet to find whom the parents of Jose Jacinto Pena are. I did find that the parents of Ana Maria Guajardo are Joseph Martinez Guajardo and Margarita Gutierrez.

Here are the names of their children and whom they married. For more descendants of theirs please visit our Community Family Tree.

Here is their family group:

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  1. I am a member with We are Cousins. Ana Maria Guajardo is my 6th Great Grandmother on my Paternal side which is one of the Original Founding Families in Mier and mentioned in the Mier Census of July 16th 1757. My Paternal lastname is Saldaña. My 3rd Great Grandmother’s name is Maria Tomasa Peña born in 1779 in Mier. (3rd Great Granddaughter of Ana Maria Guajardo & Jacinto De Peña). Her Husband is Dionicio Saldaña born in 1775 Mier (My 3rd Great Grandfather, I want to know where his father came from) I want to know where the Saldaña’s come from. Their name doesn’t appear in the founding families in Mier.

    1. Luis, Thank you for your comment. In our database, we do have Maria Tomasa and Dionicio Saldana. Unfortunately, we are still doing research on all of these families and have yet come across a document showing whom their parents were. If you have a record showing their parentage please do share it with us, we would love to link her up to Ana and Jacinto so your line can come up in future publications.

      As to where the Saldanas come from I have no idea, one can only assume that they came to Mier from Caderyta, Sabinas, or Cerralvo since most of the settlers came to from those towns.