Early Families of Cerralvo: Juan Lopez and Maria Francisca Martinez

Juan Lopez and Maria Francisca Martinez

An early family fo Cerralvo is that of Juan Lopez and Maria Francisca Martinez. Here you will find their children and who they married.

The marriage records for Cerralvo are missing prior to 1756 and thus I think that trying to recreate family groups that lived before and or immediately after this date is very important.

I can only make an educated assumption that this couple lived in or around Cerralvo since most of their children got married there.

Hopefully, this family group will help you and others in their research.

As of today, I don't know who the parents of Juan Lopez and Maria Francisca Martinez are.

Here are the names of their children and whom they married. For more descendants of theirs please visit our Community Family Tree.


Here is their family group:

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