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Ronald W. Maestas has shared with members of Las Villas del Norte his extensive family tree which is over 1300 pages in length. His main research focus is New Mexico and Colorado, his research consists of six hundred years of ancestors/descendants.

His family tree and bibliography are very extensive. I know that it will be an invaluable research tool for anyone that has roots in New Mexico, Colorado, and Zacatecas. He also has a Longoria connection to South Texas, which I am sure that most members of Las Villas del Norte also have.

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Ronald W. Maestas

Ronald W. Maestas, a former Dean and Professor at New Mexico Highlands University earned  Ed.D. degree from Arizona State University; his bachelor’s and master’s degree in business was earned at Adams State College; he has completed post-doctoral work at the University of Minnesota and Indiana University in Management Information Systems.  He brings considerable experience in working with Native American students as advisor and mentor and a profound respect and need for Native-American education and professional development.  He has experience at fund raising and program development having written successful proposals for Native American Scholars and Hispanic and Native American Economic Development.

He has s comprehensive genealogy database (98,000 names) on the southwest.  He has published several articles on genealogy in La Herencia and the Colorado Genealogy Society.  The New Mexico Genealogy Association awarded him the Primeras Familias certificate for his work.  He has self-published over 100 volumes on various prominent families in New Mexico and Colorado to include:  Juan Mestas de Peralta,  Lucas de Vigil, Juan Gomez del Castillo, Lucero de Godoy, Antonio & Lucrecio Muniz, Bartolome de Montoya, Yvon Grolet, Francisco Ruiz de Valdes, Juan Deigo Romero, Francisco Esteban Salazar,  Silvestre Trujillo, Predro del Canto, Lucas de Colon, Bernardo Ballejos,  Pedro Alonso Maese, Juan Tenorio de Alba,  and Hernan Martin de Monroy , Juan Bartolome “Tome” Dominguez, Francisco de Mendoza, Longoria, Egas Moniz, Goncalo Aires Ferreira, Lugarda Mestas.

His research consists of six hundred years of ancestors/descendants.

He is the co-author of six textbooks on Microsoft Windows to include 3.0, 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, 2000, Microsoft Office 95 and Office 98.

He is married to Monica Muniz Maestas and has three children, Lisa Renee, CPA, Raymond, Attorney and Dominic Ron Maestas, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering.

I am particularly interested in Las Villas del Norte due to my ancestors coming from Zacatecas, Mexico.  In addition, I have a connection to the Longoria family of Texas and would like to learn more about them.  I am currently an Editor for the New Mexico-Hispanic Research Center, Great New Mexico Great Pedigree Database as well as an Honorary Member of Los Californianos, an organization desiring to preserve the legacy of Juan Bautista de Anza.  I have been appointed as a Tranlation Reviewer for their Quarterly Newsletter.  Finally, I am working on an Index for the Genealogical Society of Hispanic America Nuestras Raices Journal; this Index includes all individuals listed in all of their Journals, since 2000 and has over 20,000 entries.  I have published in the Genealogy Journals and presented in the Genealogy Conferences in Colorado and New Mexico.

He has, also, created a User Group in Las Vegas, New Mexico where he assist interested parties in their genealogical research.

He is also looking for  similar opportunities  with Las Villas del Norte, if I can be of any service.  He is eager to pursue projects of mutual interests and serve as a source for anyone seeking information in New Mexico.

Dr. Ronald W. Maestas

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  1. Dr. Maestas,
    I am a member of the Order of the Crown of Charlemagne as I believe you are as well. Our Secretary had sent you a letter which was returned to her. We have your address as POBox 225 in Las Vegas, NM. Would you mind sending me your current information so that it can be corrected in our records?
    Thank you, in advance, for your reply.

    Nita Augustus