Agreement Between Stephen F. Austin and Jose Andres Ramirez

While researching La Villa de Mier I came across a very interesting transcript of a document between Stephen F. Austin and Jose Andres Ramirez a resident of La Villa de Mier.

The document is an agreement where Stephen F. Austin agrees to pay up to fifty mares to Andres Ramirez at full price and or one hundred if the other half is paid some time later.

Image of the Transcription:

Agreement Austin and Jose Andres Ramirez

Translation of Agreement:

Agreement: Austin and Jose Andres Ramirez

In the Village of San Felipe of Austin at 20 days of the month of August of the year eighteen twenty four, I made a deal with the citizen Andres Ramirez from the village of Mier so he can deliver in this village in all the month of March in the year that is coming some mares for raising which will be new and of good body and good to make herds - up to fifty mares at three pesos each head counted money or up to one hundred mares paying half the money  and the other half at another time in effects - he also promised the said Ramirez to provide me a donkey herder experienced of a color of estimation and of first quality for fifteen pesos each head if they are of good quality for breeding, and for it to have its proper effect we signed it both with the following witnesses.

Estevan F. Austin

Jose Andres Ramirez

Witness of assistance

Samuel M. Williams

Who is Jose Andres Ramirez?

Going through the Saga books of Mier I only found one possible candidate as to whom this person may be and it is Jose Andres Ramirez born on 11-17-1790 to Jose Miguel Ramirez and Maria Antonia Isaguirre. There were another five Jose Andres Ramirez listed but all of them were born after 1830.

Even though this document may not seem much it is. It is a piece of history and also a piece of someones ancestors life. It provides clues to assume that Jose was a horse raiser, thus providing us with a glimpse as to the economic enterprises of residents of La Villa de Mier. It is also interesting to note that the document was signed in Austin. It;s incredible at least to me that Jose Andres traveled that far to sell his horses. I am also sure that his descendants will appreciate this document.

One can only assume that his horses and their offspring were used on the fight for Texas Independence.


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