Free Historical eBook Repository for Nuevo Leon

eBook Repository for Nuevo Leon

As you may be aware Nuevo Leon is the place where all the founding families of Las Villas del Norte came from. Thus, Nuevo Leon is central to researching your ancestors prior to 1749 when Jose de Escandon started establishing Las Villas del Norte.

The other day I came across a very valuable resource by pure chance or by pure luck, which ever you may prefer.

I was researching a rare book suggested by one of our members and instead came across a website that I am sure you will find very helpful and or at least find very interesting eBooks.

One such example of these eBooks is that you will find eBooks about the municipios of Nuevo Leon. Why is this important? These eBooks mention the history of a given municipio along valuable information about the first settlers for that area and in many cases they will be our ancestors. Not to mention they will also provide great clues for a historical analysis of that area and thus you will get a better idea of where to look for records.

Another great example of how valuable this collection is is that it contains the book of Don Israel Cavazos Garza " Nuevo León y la colonización del Nuevo Santander". This book is very important when it comes to researching your ancestors in Las Villas del Nrote...

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