Recap of Presentation “The Militarization of the Texas–Mexico Border 1910–1920”

The Militarization of the Texas - Mexican Border 1910 - 1920

Beatrice de Leon Edwards in her "The Militarization of the Texas - Mexican Border 1910-1920". presentation provided attendees with background of the events that lead to this militarization and provided us with an idea of how your ancestors might have had been impacted by it. This presentation is excellent for any family historian, genealogist, or History buff.

She also provided evidence that many of these soldiers married into the local population with some of them staying in the Rio Grande Valley to start families. She also provided us with some tips on how to come about researching these military men.

Below is the outline of these presentation divided by themes and a short description of each.

Here is the Outline of the Video and What to Expect

Intro Dialogue (0:10) - Just a quick introduction to the topi co the presentation.

The Mexican Border Problem (1:17) - Attendees were provided with background information as to why the border became a problem leading up to the 1910's.

Mexican Revolution (7:07) - During the time period covered the Mexican Revolution was the major reason that troops were sent in to the Mexico border. Major players are discussed.

Unrest in the Border (16:10) - Beatrice explains and provides evidence of local unrest in the Rio Grande Valley and also of the military and Texas ranger killings without the due process of the law.

The Villa Raid (25:54) - Beatrice presented the real motives being Villas raid of Las Cruzes, New Mexico and of the American expedition to try and capture Villa.

U.S. Troops to Mexican Border (30:53) - A Historical overview of the troops arriving in the Rio Grande Valley was provided and of the impact it had economically and socially.

Military Action - Bandit Wars (42:43) - In this section we were provided with an overview of the major military engagements and incidents that occurred in the Rio Grande Valley and also the casualty numbers of Military men during this time period.

Finding Military Records (51:52) - Finally, attendees were provided with online resources as to where they can find American and Mexican military records.

Bibliography and End Comments (55:26) = At he very end Beatrice provided us with a list of all her sources and also her closing comments on her presentation.

Overall I enjoyed attending this presentation and I know that you will also enjoy it.

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