Presentation “Sephardic Research and Resources”

Sephardic Research and Resources

If you are a member of Las Villas del Norte make sure to join us November 8, 2020 for Shelly's presentation "Sephardi Research and Resources". The Zoom presentation will be at 2:00 PM CST, look for your invitation in your email inbox or log in to our website to get the link. Not a member yet? You can join here:

More About Schelly Talalay Dardashti

Dardashti is a journalist and genealogist, an award-winning pioneer Jewish genealogy columnist/blogger; founder, Tracing the Tribe – Jewish Genealogy on Facebook (35,500 members from 101 countries); founding member, Centro Sefarad New Mexico; and the US Genealogy Advisor for MyHeritage. She is involved in many DNA projects.

Presentation Information

Title: Sephardic Research and Resources

Summary: Sephardic genealogy has seen a proliferation of websites, books, and databases relevant to Jews exiled from Iberia in the 15th century. Topics covered include geography, traditions, history, immigration, challenges, languages, online and archival resources, and the newest resources. Learn how Hispanic research intersects with Jewish genealogy.

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If you are a member of Las Villas del Norte look for your invitation on your inbox to join us via Zoom on Sunday November 8, 2020 at 2:00 PM CST. If you miss it then just log in anytime after November 9, 2020 to watch the recorded presentation.

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