Libro de Diligencias Matrimoniales de Reynosa 1751*1766*1781
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This e-book was published to help Reynosa descendants and researchers find genealogical and historical facts related to the first settlers of the Villa. The book includes rare images, including some from restricted archival collections. In 1751 (5 records), one of the Captain's daughters becomes the Villa's first to be recorded in a pre-marriage proceeding. There are also some VERY interesting facts regarding the years mentioned by the first witnesses interviewed in 1751. The 1766 set (6 records) includes one couple who became a source of land power and high reputation.  In 1781 (8 records), the last couple recorded has a penitence imposed by the Bishop of Nuevo Leon due to some "extra-curricular" activity that was reported.

This book is an essential piece for any collection related to the early years of Reynosa. In my personal case, as the transcriber, the record of Joseph Martin de la Garza and Juana Guerra was a personal jewel for my family research. Where mentioned, all of the names of the couples, their parents, their witnesses, notaries, and church officials have been extracted and made easy to view. Another set of high value items are the ages, castes, origin, residence, and time dwelled at different locations. In the case of widow/er(s), their former spouses and places of burial are also given. Even if there are no direct ancestors to be found, you will be able to find many facts that can put perspective into the original and founding families of La Villa de Reynosa.

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