Las Villas del Norte 2024 Journal Call for Articles

Las Villas del Norte 2024 Journal Call for Articles

This is the official Las Villas del Norte 2024 Journal Call For Articles. Las Villas del Norte will be publishing its ninth journal in January 2024 and we need your help to make it a success.

Submitting an article is an excellent opportunity to get published, preserve your family’s history, and or share your knowledge with others. All types of articles are welcomed as long as they meet the guidelines outlined below. Send in your articles to [email protected]

  • Articles have to be Genealogy Related,
  • Written or compiled by you and,
  • You, retain copyright to your work. Las Villas del Norte retains the right to print this material in print and digital format on its Journal and Website,

Ideas for Articles

Remember the following are just ideas if you want to submit something that is not mentioned below go ahead and send it over.

  • How you are Related to any of the Founding Families of Las Villas Del Norte, Monterrey, and Saltillo or any other Mexican town.
  • Descendant Report on any of your ancestors
  • Ancestor Report of any of your ancestors
  • Biography or Photos of Descendants of your ancestors.
  • Genealogy Resources you Love.
  • Your Family’s Ranch History
  • Interviews with Family Members
  • Indexes to Records
  • Tips about Genealogy for Other Members
  • Review of Books that may be of Interest to Other Members
  • Review of Software and how it can Benefit Others in Genealogy
  • Biography about your Military Ancestor or relative
  • Military Reports
  • Military Rosters
  • DNA Articles
  • Genealogy Discoveries


If you have any suggestions or Ideas not listed above please let me know.


For every article that you submit for publication in our journal you will be entered for a chance to win one of the following:

1. A copy of the book “Monterrey: The Founding Families and Their Descendants” by Moises Garza $59.95 Value

2. A copy of “Last Names of Nuevo Leon Book, Surname of your choosing” by Moises Garza $59.95 Value

3. A copy of “Last Names of Nuevo Leon Book, Surname of your choosing” by Moises Garza $59.95 Value

4. Everyone that submits articles that meet our guidelines will get a printed “2024 Las Villas del Norte Journal” for free. If you are a Gold or Platinum member you will get a second journal when you renew your membership. Perfect to gift away to family members.

Please Note: Articles need to be four pages or longer to qualify for a chance to win one of the above prices. Also, members that do not submit articles will have to wait until they renew their membership during 2024 to get the digital version of it. In addition, only articles by members of Las Villas del Norte will be accepted. Not a member? Join Las Villas del Norte

Send in your articles to [email protected] before November 30, 2023, on Microsoft Word Format or PDF and the text should be size 12.

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