Early Settlers of Saltillo: Alberto del Canto and Estefania de Montemayor

Alberto del Canto and Estefania de Montemayor

An early family of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico is that of Alberto del Canto and Estefania de Montemayor. Alberto del Canto is considered to be the founder of Saltillo. We know that he and Estefania had children but if they were ever married we are not for sure. Alberto del Canto was a very colorful character. It is written that Estefania left him to travel with her father Don Diego de Montemayor into what is nowadays Monterrey.

Unfortunately, we don't know for sure if she ever formed a family with Alberto del Canto but below you can see the family group of the children that she had with him.

The parents of Alberto del Canto are Sebastaino do Canto and Maria Dies Vieira. The parents of Estefania de Montemayor are Diego de Montemayor and Juana Porcayo de la Cerda.

Here is their family group...

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    1. I read El Reino en Celo de Mario Anteo
      Fabulous book. Historical Fiction by a gifted writer. The research is awesome and the writing spectacular. I’m a Spanish teacher and I still had to use a dictionary constantly. I read it twice

  1. Thank you for sharing. They were my ancestors too through several bloodlines. Again, thank you Moises for your collaboration to find our ancestors. God bless you and your family. Dora Alma

  2. I tried to access the info re: Alberfto Del Canto. In tracing my father’s genealogy, I found that my 6th great-grandfather married Josefa Gonzalez de Paredes de la Garza, daughter of Jose Gonzalez de Paredes Olea Camacho and Angela de la Garza Falcon Montemayor.
    I wanted to learn if you had more information about him and his descendants. Most of the information I have re: him is from the 2nd edition of “With All Arms” .
    Thank you for all the work you are doing. I don’t have any descendants but am sharing what I have learned with distant relatives.
    Betty E. Fuentes