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  • Aaron Montemayor Walker

    May 22, 2023 at 9:14 am

    Thanks Moises, this is the farthest back I can find. I have a number of Sesario (Cesario) and Dorotea’s children and Sesario’s parents are listed as Jose Antonio and Jose MA montemayor and his mother is listed as both Juana Charles and Juanita Chavez in two different ones. But they had 11 children together and most don’t mention the grandparents.

    So my challenge has been finding Cesario’s parents and confirming their names and birthplace. I know they lived in La Laja (las Lajas) which I believe became Mendez Tamaulipas. So I’ve checked a lot of documents from Burgos, China, Linares, and Reynosa. Can’t find any additional Montemayor-Charles or Montemayor-Chaves children or marriages or anything.

    Looking forward to what you find on Burgos! I read through the 1757 General Visit of Burgos report you published, but no luck finding my relatives mentioned.