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    Posted by Robert Suarez on April 9, 2021 at 9:39 pm

    Hello friends. I am searching for other members who have an ancestor – 1: Candelario Guerra who is married to Dionicia Riojas and/or have 2: Candelario de la Garza who is married to Dionicia Riojas. Or 3: you are a descendant of Dionicia Riojas. I really would love to chat with you!!

    This problem has been on my back burner of years but recently I was forced to look at it and verify what I was told by my grandparents … but the “facts” are not adding up.

    I have deduced there is only one Dioniicia Riojas involved because her basic information is consistent regardless of the spouse. My theory was that Candelario de la Garza died shortly after marrying Dionicia because I have not seen any record of children from that union. But I have not really looked that hard.

    In addition I have at least 7 children recorded to the union of Candelario Guerra and Dionicia. Of most interest to me is his son Pragedis who is my maternal -ggfather.

    Tonight I finally found a death registration for Candelario “Garza”! Yes, I read the spanish record for myself and yes he was married to Dionicia Riojas – but when he died on 10 Jan 1886 he had been married to her for about 24 years. So much for my theory … but I also learned that he lived and died at “el Rancho de los Guerras”!! Also noted one Pragedis Garza was the “testigo” and he was 23 years old … the exact age my Pragedis Guerra would have been!!

    Is it possible that one Candelario de la Garza – who lived and died at el Rancho de los Guerras was accepted as family there and was integrated into the Guerra clan and is in fact the same person I am searching for? Namely Candelario Guerra. Help and guidance needed here. Thank you in advance for any and all assistance you can offer.

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