Early Settlers of Monterrey: Juan Perez de los Rios and Agustina de Charles

Juan Perez de los Rios and Agustina de Charles

An early family of Monterrey, in fact, one of the founding families of Monterrey is that of Juan Perez de los Rios and Agustina de Charles. They are one of the families that accompanied Diego de Monterrey from Saltillo to permanently settle in what was going to become Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. This couple lived in the late 1500s and early 1600s.

I have yet to discover whom the parents of Juan Perez de los Rios were but those of his wife Agustina de Charles is Bartolome de Charles and Juana Gonzalez.

The following family group is my first attempt at researching this family. So far I have found four generations of descendants but more research is being done. Here, I have posted only information about their children. In the next couple of weeks, I will upload all new research to our community Family Tree so that you can have access to all the descendants of theirs that I have found.

Here is their family group:

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  1. Hello Moises love your work and am very interested in the de Charles family. My 6 Great Grandfather is Jose Charles born about 1765 married to Trinidad de la Fuente. If you established four generations of decencents from Augustine and Bartolome Charles I am wondering if one of the decendents is Jose Charles my 6th great father. Did you come across that name in your four generations of decedents.? Many thanks.

    Jeff Flores

  2. Hello Moises, very interesting work! According to my genealogical tree, my 10th great-grandaunt was Agustina de Charles and Juan Peres de los Rios. She is from my grandfather’s maternal side. Maria Dorotea Corona Charles 3rd great-grandmother, married into Tellez’s family. I would love to know more about their history. Thank you.