Early Settlers of Monterrey: Juan Cavazos and Elena de la Garza

Juan Cavazos and Elena de la Garza

One of the early settling families of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico is that of Juan Cavazos and Elena de la Garza. Juan Cavazos is considered the progenitor of the Cavazos last name in northeastern Mexico and South Texas.

The parents of Juan Cavazos are Gabriel Cavazos and Simona del Campo. There is speculation that he was Italian but to my knowledge, this has yet to be confirmed.

The parents of Elena de la Garza are Pedro de la Garza and Ines Rodriguez.

Here are the names of their children and whom they married to. For more descendants of theirs please visit our Community Family Tree.

Here is their family group:

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  1. I am having a lot of trouble getting any further than this. I would like to see more about my relatives but I can go no further because it wants me to join again. Hele Fisher

    1. Hello Helen, our memberships are yearly and yours was not renewed when it expired on August 17, 2018. Thus, that is why the system is asking for you to become a member again. Any questions let me know.

  2. My research shows them to be my 8th grandparents. Their son Gabriel was my 7th ggfand his wife Clara my ggm their son Ignacio and wife Maria Apolonia were my 6th, their son Juan Bauptista De la Garza and Maria Gertrudis de Trevino are my 5th, their son Juan Nepomeceno De la Garza and Maria Leonor Refugio Rodriguez Baca are my 4th ggparents, and their daughter Maria Dolores De la Garza and Juan Jose Ramon Hernandez are my 3rd ggparents and their daughter Maria Febronia Hernandez and Apolonio Cesario Uribe are my 2nd ggps, and their daughter Paula Uribe and Geronimo Garza Melendes are my great grandparents and their son Emiliano De la Garza and his wife Enemencia Gonzales were my grandparents and their daughter Paula G. De la Garza was my mother.