Early Settlers of Mier: Francisco Javier Salinas and Maria Rosa Longoria

Francisco Javier Salinas and Maria Rosa Longoria

One of the early families of the Villa of Mier is that of Francisco Javier Salinas and Maria Rosa Longoria.

In the 1757 census of Mier they are listed as follows: “Don Javier Salinas, casado con Doña Maria Longoria, tiene tres hijos, todas armas, diez caballos y dos burros”. Heres is the English translation: Don Javier Salinas, married to Mrs. Maria Longoria, has three children, all weapons, ten horses and two donkeys.

Javier Salinas is the son of Jose Antonio Salinas and Juana Garcia. The parents of Maria Rosa are Joseph Longoria and Maria Chapa.

Javier was married twice and as such, I have also included the information of his second marriage down below.

Here is their family group:

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    1. My name Is Adam Ramirez Garza la
      M a decendant of Francisco Javier Salinas. My grandmother was a Salinas several sources list Javier Salinas the son as being the son of his first wife rosa Longoria but this not so ,Javier the sons,mother was quiteria villareal check the 1782 mier census,he is listed as being 12 years old.

      1. Hello Adam,

        We have him in our database with the correct mother. We go with records and not by what others have on their trees. That is why it is very important to be an evidence-based researcher. Thank you for pointing this out.

  1. Francisco Xavier Salinas was also the 2nd marriage for Maria Quiteria Villarreal. Her 1st husband was Mateo de Olivares from Camargo. Listed in the Camargo Census of 1757, having one son. Mateo Died died 13 Jan 1767 Camargo.[Note: Per Matteo Olivares’ Will 24 December 1766 (Listed in “Los Protocolos de La villa de Nuestra Senora de Santa Anna de Camargo. 1762 -1809” by Prof. Victor M. Saenz Ramirez) He names the following children.] Children of Mateo Olivares and Quiteria Villarreal are:
    1. *+Jose Luis Olivares, b. Abt. 1756, D: 4 MAY 1814, Camargo, Tamp, Mex. M.: 31 OCT 1788 Ma. Josepha Chapa Lopez
    2. Rosalia (Rosa Maria) Olivares, b. Abt. 1766, d. date unknown. M. Juan de Dios Villareal
    3. Maria Francisca Olivares, b. Abt. 1762, d. 21 Oct 1779, Cerralvo, Mexico.
    4. Maria Gertrudis Olivares, b. Abt. 1764, d. date unknown.
    5. Maria Josepha Olivares, b. Abt. 1765, d. date unknown.

    “Quiteria Villarreal de Olivares widow got Portion #18 of the Spanish land grants after Mateo Olivares died. She sold said property to Don Juan de La Cruz Estrada in 1802 for 50 pesos. Her daughter Rosa Maria Olivares affirmed the sale on April 4, 1807. Quiteria had died in 1804.” (Los Protocolos de La Villa de Nuestra Senora de Santa Anna de Camargo 1762-1809, #139 pg. 378 by Prof. Victor M. Saenz Ramirez.)

    (My note) Maria Quiteria died 3 March 1804 in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

    Jose Luis Villarreal Olivares is listed living with his mother in Mier in 1782.
    Padrones de Mier Census 1782
    N. 62 Familia
    C Dn Xavier Salinas C 52 N. 69
    Quiteria Villarreal C 37
    Maria Theresa Salinas N 11
    Joseph Antonio N 9
    Maria Gregoria P 6
    Maria Josepha P 2
    Maria Ygnacia P 4 N.
    Luis Olivares N 17

    Mateo Olivares & Quiteria Villarreal are my ancestors through Jose Luis Olivares & Josepha Chapa Lopez. It took a lot of research to make this connection, because they always just list Francisco Xavier Salinas as her husband. Mateo Olivares was really hard to track. Still looking for other original records. If you see any let me know. Thanks.
    Blanca Olivares Alvarado Curl