Early Settlers of Camargo: Domingo Vela and Maria Juliana de las Casas

Domingo Vela and Maria Juliana de las Casas

An early settling family of Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico is that of Diego Vela and Maria de las Casas. In the 17 57 census of Camargo they are listed as follows: "Domingo Vela, casado con Maira de las Casas, tiene cinco hijos, todas armas y tres caballos".

I have yet to discover who their parents are. All I can do is assume that they were form Salians Victoria, Nuevo Leon since they baptized one of their children there. I looked for a marriage record for them but could not find one.

Here are the names of their children and whom they married to. For more descendants of theirs please visit our Community Family Tree.

Here is their family group:

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  1. I have some information becausr I descend from Domingo’s brother Jose Lazaro Vela. Accorfing to my information his parents were Francisco Rocha Vela b. 1625 and Maria Ortiz Sanchez. They are my 9th great-grandparents. Jose Lazaro married Petronila Buentello my 7th g g, daughter of Bernabe Botello and Catalina Xaurez Barboza.

    1. I think the Domingo Vela you are referring to is a bit more back in time but I will look into it to make sure I did not miss something.

    2. Irma, I noticed from the names you shared that we have a connection. Fransisco Rocha Vela is my 9th great grandfather. Can you tell me more about your family? I’ll be happy to share my contact information.