La Villa de Reynosa

The Villa de Reynosa was founded by Jose de Escandon the fourteenth of March 1749.

The following is a list of early families of Reynosa prior to 1770. If you are a descendant of any of the couples mentioned here you may qualify for a Las Villas del Norte First Families Heritage Certificate.

Reynosa Settlers Prior to 1770

Listed on:

(-), Domingo Guillermo and Maria Gonzalez

Alcantara, Pedro and Maria Josefa (no last name)

Barrera, Jose and Magdalena Tijerina - View Family

Bocanegra, Francisco andRosa de Vargas

Bocanegra, Jose Manuel and Maria Celedonia Tijerina

Bocanegra, Nicolas and Ana Maria (no last name)

Cano, Cristobal (widow) - View Family

Cano, Francisco and Josefa Galvan

Cano, Miguel and Candida Ramirez

Cantu, Carlos and Ana Gertrudis Cavazos - View Family

Cantu, Jose Carlos and Juana Rosa Longo

Cavazos, Francisco and Josefa Cantu

Cavazos, Jose Antonio and Gertrudis Cantu

Cavazos, Jose Onofre and Maria Gertrudis de la Garza - View Family

Cavazos, Juan and Hermenegilda de Ochoa - View Family

Cavazos, Juan Antonio and Margarita Villarreal

Cavazos, Pedro Jose and Felipa Rodriguez

Cerda, Pedro Jose de la and Maria Gertrudis Vasquez

Estrada, Pedro de and Josefa Vasquez

Fernandez, Antonio Alejandro and Maria Barbosa

Fernandez, Jose Eugenio and Nicolasa Trevino

Flores, Lazaro and Margarita Villarreal

Flores, Nicolas de nad Maria San Miguel

Flores, Pedro Jose and Maria de Abrego

Galvan, Jacoba (widow)

Galvan, Joaquin and Maria Luisa (no last name)

Garza, Diego de la and Maria Victoria (no last name)

Garza, Esteban de la and Maria Luna

Garza, Francisco de la and Maria Candelaria

Garza, Ignacio de la and Ana Maria Fernandez

Garza, Jose Javier de la and (wife not mentioned)

Garza, Jose Miguel de la and Ana Gertrudis Cano

Garza, Micaela de la (widow)

Garza, Pedro Jose de la and Maria Guadalupe (no last name)

Gonzalez, Marcos and Catarina (no last name)

Guzman, Jose Eusebio and Juana Gonzalez

Guzman, Juan and Maria Flores - View Family

Jasso, Jose de and Maria Zaragoza

Longoria, Diego and Maria Rita (no last name)

Martinez, Domingo and Maria Casilda de Lerma

Munguia, Gabriel and Manuela de la Garza

Pena, Javier de Leon and Catarina Cano

Ramirez, Francisco and Alfonsa Fajardo

Ramirez, Francisco Quiroga and Maria Rita (no last name)

Rodriguez, Jose and Antonia Rodriguez

Santa Maria, Miguel de (single)

Santos, Cristobal de los and Maria de los Santos

Santos, Juan de Dios de los and Maria de los Rios

Santos, Maria de los (widow)

Segundo (single)

Sosa, Jose Martin de and Maria Garcia

Tanguma, Miguel and Pascuala Hernandez - View Family

Tijerina, Cayetano (single)

Tijerina, Jose Matias and Maria Antonia Fernandez

Torres, Pedro de (single)

Torres, Santiago de and Maria Cano

Vallarreal, Andres and Francisca de los Santos

Vallin, Juan Antonio and Francisca de Villarreal

Vega, juan de and Cano, Rosa Teresa

Zamora, Javier and Maria Jacinta (no last name)

Zamora, Nicolas and Ines Munguia - View Family

Zamora, Toribio and Clara Fernandez