La Villa de Dolores

The Villa de Dolores, no longer exists, was founded by Jose de Escandon the twenty second of August 1750.

​The following is a list of early families of Dolores prior to 1770. If you are a descendant of any of the couples mentioned here you may qualify for a Las Villas del Norte First Families Heritage Certificate.

Dolores Settlers Prior to 1770

Listed on:

(-), Antonio Marcial (widow)

(-), Antonio Mauricio (single)

(-), Dionisio Teodoro and Dolores Martinez

(-), Ines (widow)

(-), Justo (single)

(-), Marcos Gregorio and Maria de la Cruz

(-), Pascual and Francisca (no last name)

Guerrero, Hilario and Juana (no last name)

Bautista, Cayetano and Petra Munoz

Bautista, Mauricio and Juana de la Cruz

Cruz, Pedro de la (single)

Flores, Juan Jose and Francisca Guerrero

Garcia, Juan and Antonia Navarro

Garza, Margarita de la and (widow)

Gonzalez, Luis (single)

Guerrero, Victorino and Maria Andrea

Juarez, Baustista and Maria Zaragoza

Juarez, Felipe and Jesusa (last name not mentioned)

Juarez, Manuel and Josefa (no last name mentioned)

Luna, Francisco de and Juana Rosa

Martinez, Jose (single)

Navarro, Juan and Tadea Fermin

Navarro, Ramon (single)

Ochoa, Juan Jose de and Maria Luisa (no last name)

Reyes, Lucio de los and Marcela de los Rios

Rodriguez, Javier and Juana Micaela (no last name)

Rojas, Jose de and Maria Isabel (no last name)

Salazar, Pedro and Juana Garcia

Tola, Ignacio and Maria Gertrudis (no last name)

Vasquez, Bartolome Borrego (single)

Vasquez, Jose Borrego and (wife not mentioned)