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  • Bob Hernandez

    March 20, 2023 at 1:29 pm

    I have not done 23&me nor Ancestry DNA. But I did do FamilyTreeDNA years ago (Y DNA test). My haplogroup appears to be centered in the Basque Country, but interestingly enough, my 12-marker matches (and some 25-marker matches) are primarily people with English or Welsh ancestors, and if they didn’t list an ancestral origin, the last names appear to be of the British and Irish varieties. Of course Y DNA tests would show a common ancestor from a thousand years ago or more.

    Separately, my own 2G grandfather immigrated to Mexico from Scotland around the 1840’s, along with at least two other Scottish mates. They were trained in the textile industry in Paisley and worked in textile mills in Xalapa, Mexico City and then in Tala, Jalisco. All this I found out by locating his marriage dispensation record (Guadalajara). Why some Scottish folks showed up in Mexico was a mystery to me. (My 2G grandparents eventually moved to Mapimi, Durango to again work in a textile mill as the cotton industry became important in that region, about 1850.)

    Recently, I found out that there was a group of Cornish miners enticed by mining companies to work in Mexico after the War of Independence (, with a large group settling in the state of Hidalgo. I can’t help but wonder if Mexican textile companies also advertised “offshore” to import trained workers.