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  • Consuelo Udave

    May 23, 2022 at 11:31 am

    Look for under the pull down menu title “Group Projects”, then click on “Join a Project”. There just might be a list of recommended projects you can join your brother’s YDNA results into. Or, you can browse the complete project offerings below that…(there are hundreds available)- by surname, by geographical region, etc. Best place to start is locating your brother’s designated haplogroup title…under “YDNA Haplogroup Projects”. Example: my brother’s Haplogroup is R. But in that category, there are 107 group projects! So, where I first entered his results was the biggest project: R1b-ALL Subclades. This is a baseline “umbrella” project. Each project has administrators who oversee all submissions & work with matching & placing participants in their appropriate location, with closest matching results. Once you’ve joined your brother’s results into his haplogroup project, you can send a message to one of the admin’s and ask for their advice re: any other projects where his results would be appropriate. I’ve joined my brother into 12 projects. The admin. might also suggest upgrade testing, depending on which YDNA test level you purchased to begin with. Additional testing will further define your brother’s YDNA and narrow down the matching to those closest (in time) to your brother’s results. Of course, the Big Y-700 is the highest level of YDNA testing available, which defines your brother’s result to the most specific “genetic address” which only he has. But remember, matching can go back hundreds to thousands of years…so, discovering a living male relative thru YDNA testing is unlikely. However, you can learn a lot about the origins & migration patterns of your brother’s/father’s YDNA lineage far back in time…especially after you get your brother into his most appropriate YDNA projects! I’ve had a lot of success with my brother’s & a maternal 2nd cousin’s results in their various YDNA projects! Also, I recommend accessing FTDNA educational video’s for learning more about YDNA testing and what to do with the results! Wishing you much luck & I hope you enjoy the process of exploring YDNA testing! Cheers, Consuelo Udave