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  • Dr. Emilia Gonzalez-Clements

    November 4, 2021 at 5:26 pm


    Hi! There are Garzas in both my maternal and paternal lines. I have my Dad’s maternal line “done”. I’m stuck on his grandfather’s (Ramon Gonzalez _________ /Ma. Marcelina Cantu Villarreal -second wife) information and ancestors.

    My sister is mailing back the Gonzalez book I bought from you a year or so ago so I can search there.

    You mentioned 4 Gonzalez lines as early settlers. What are the names of those 4 Gonzalez and where did they settle? My ancestor may have been from Higueras. The maternal line was from Apodaca/Santa Rose.

    I’ve forwarded the Las Villas, Mexican Genealogy, Somos Primos contact information to a niece and great-niece. We are collaborating on out maternal ancestor. I think they’ll be joining soon.

    I certainly appreciate all the work you do. Eventually, we’ll find the link that connects us.