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    January 19, 2021 at 1:06 pm

    Hello Moises, thanks for the welcome. I have had great luck tracing much of my dad’s side (Quintanilla) from the King Ranch back to my Great Great Grandfather (Jose Sebastian Quintanilla est birth 1845.); however that is where i’m missing the link between him and Cruillas, Tamaulipas, Mexico which much of the early families on the King Ranch came from. There are many families on the King Ranch that are family such as Cavazos, Silva, Silguero, Guerrero, Alvarez but i’ve been able to make some progress over the years but i’m stuck at my Sebastian Sr.

    Jose Sebastian Quintanilla, Sr – Rita Silguero Quintanilla

    Sebastian Silguero Quintanilla, Jr – Dominga Guerrero Quintanilla

    Eliseo Guerrero, Sr – Herlinda Silva Quintanilla

    Eliseo Silva Quintanilla – Janie Losoya Quintanilla

    Arnold Losoya Quintanilla