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  • Bob Hernandez

    November 1, 2020 at 7:26 pm

    Hi Moises – Del Barco is probably rare. Manuel del Barco (GG Grandfather) left Vizcaya, Spain about 1820 to Cuba. Eventually he made it to Northeast Mexico. Mostly spent time in Matamoros and eventually Nuevo Laredo where he died in the late 1870’s. His children, mostly daughters, lived in Laredo / Nuevo Laredo.

    Jameson: Robert Jameson (GG Grandfather), who studied the manufacturing of textiles and machinery in Paisley, Scotland, emigrated to Mexico about the 1840’s and worked in various textile mills in Xalapa, Mexico City and Tala, Jalisco. He then moved to Mapimi, DGO after 1850 working in a mill there. I learned this by finding a marriage dispensation, thanks to your blog posts pointing to various ways to finding a dispensation.

    The earliest Ybarguen I have found was Inigo in an early 1600’s census of Durango, DGO. But I am unable to connect ancestrally to Inigo yet.