About US

Las Villas del Norte was started so that anyone with roots in South Texas and Northeastern Mexico can have an online group were they can interact with other like minded individuals, watch genealogical presentations from anywhere in the world, and also have access to published materials online.

If there is no Hispanic Genealogy society near where you live then Las Villas del Norte Genealogy Group will be perfect for you. Join our family today!

The Purposes of Las Villas del Norte Genealogical Group will be:

  • To Promote, develop, and preserve genealogical and historical resources of South Texas and Northeastern Mexico;
  • To improve the dissemination of such resources on print and digital formats;
  • To cooperate with local, regional, national, and statewide groups in promoting our heritage;
  • and to help family historians get started with genealogy research as they pursue their family's past.