Early Settlers of Monterrey: Lucas Garcia and Juliana de Quintanilla

Lucas Garcia and Juliana de Quintanilla

One of the early families of  Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico was that of Lucas Garcia and Juliana de Quintanilla.

The parents of Lucas Garcia are Baltzar de Sosa and Maria Ines Rodriguez. The parents of Juliana de Quintanilla are Juan de Farias and Maria de Treviño.

The first mention of Lucas Garcia was in September 20, 1596, among the other families that founded Monterrey. He is also mentioned in the 1626 census of Monterrey as residing with his brother Diego Rodriguez along with his wife's children.

Here is their family group:

LUCAS1 GARCIA1-7 was born about 1570 in Mexico4. He died on 23 Feb 16674. He married JULIANA DE QUINTANILLA (daughter of Juan de Farias and Maria de Treviño). She was born in 1578 in Mexico City, D.F., Mexico4.

Lucas Garcia and Juliana de Quintanilla had the following children:

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  1. Where did the “de Quintanilla” come from? Was she widowed by a Quintanilla?

    1. If I remember correctly it came form a grandparent. In those days one could choose the last name that you thought would benefit you the most.