Las Villas del Norte Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 1 – March 2016

Las Villas del Norte Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 1 – March 2016

Las Villas del Norte Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 1 is out and ready to read. If you re a member of Las Villas del Norte you can get your free copy here.

It is the first newsletter for the year 2016, make sure to get your own copy by downloading it to your digital archives.

Also, make sure to visit our Newsletter Archives to download more.

Las Villas del Norte Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 1 - March 2016

Las Villas del Norte Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 1 - March 2016



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Table of Contents for This Newsletter:

  1. New Members of Las Villas del Norte Pg. 2
  2. Questions for our Members Pg. 3
  3. Our Meetings Pg. 11
  4. Calendar of Future and Past Presentations Pg. 12
  5. Past Presentations for 2015 Pg. 13
  6. Our Last Three Presentations Pg. 14
  7. In The Works Pg. 15
  8. What's New on Las Villas del Norte Website Pg. 15
  9. From Las Villas del Norte Blog Pg. 16
  10. Recap of Presentation “Jose Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara Uribe, the First President of Texas Pg. 16
  11. The Las Villas del Norte Book Collection Pg. 17
  12. Early Settlers of Laredo: Tomas Tadeo Sanchez and Catharina de Uribe Pg. 19
  13. Recap of Presentation “Genealogical Resources for Mier Tamaulipas, Mexico” Pg. 20
  14. Free Historical eBook Repository for Nuevo Leon Pg. 21
  15. The Names of Men in Alonso de Leon’s First Expedition Pg. 22
  16. How to Easily Find Ancestors in the Civil and Protocolos Sections of the Monterrey Historical Archives Pg. 23
  17. Getting Started in Your Genealogy Pg. 24
  18. How to Batch Download Images From FamilySearch Pg. 24

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  1. I have a question about Mier. I have read many books and they mention that Mier was not part of the villas that received government money or help. They were a self sufficient villa and they left Camargo to settle in Mier without government help. Are they still considered part of the villas?

    1. Irma, regardless if they got help or not wich they did nto . It is still a Villa del Norte. Villa just meant that it was basically a Village, then it eventually became a city.

      1. Thanks, but I was just validating that it was not dependent on governors help from the crown. Its such a beautiful town! Both our ancestors lived in Mier. The Hinojosa, The Bazan…….

        1. Yup, Escandon writes that it was founded with no cost what so ever to the crown.

  2. I’m glad you had that list of books you have. Now, I know that I can at least find the majority of them in one place. I’ve started so many ways to keep track of what I want to read, but needless to say each attempt has been better than the previous. Thank you.

    1. A simpel exel spreadsheet should be enough to keep track. That’s what I use.